Online market helps companies grow

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And the key he states making the online service successful is the market." You, me your neighbor can go list your skills, to try to find work that they can do, whether they're a web developer, an online marketer, a building person, someone that does crafts on the side."

And here's how it works, you register for and produce a profile on the site and browse through numerous jobs or "gigs" located in the region." As a specific, I can make use of the kind and get things carried out for me. So if I'm a mother that's at home and I need some things done around the house and I'm a small company individual and I need assist with my social media strategy."

He states it enables people and businesses searching for employees to inspect ratings and evaluations for previous work. "You need to then keep your business on track which does not mean on track where everything is going smoothly, it's a bumpy ocean out there and on track indicates handling all the bumps and all the presses to the left or right and remaining on target."

Dafrota says he initially got the idea for OwnForce after noticing a change in the economy and how individuals work." The concept that you're going to work for one company for the rest of your lives is simply not real any longer. And exactly what we see are people out there doing a variety of things."

And he says exactly what makes him various from the competition is always continuing to be ahead of modifications in the labor force." At OwnForce we know that works crucial, and we know that it partially specifies us, it impacts us and it's this big part of our lives. And we see that work is changing and in order to make the most of those modifications, we know that entrepreneurship training and tools are the very best way to prosper in your work."

Dafrota also assists budding business get on the ideal track with beginning a company. He assists handle the startup mission - a 10-session program helping Gainesville entrepreneurs with training and mentorship." Gainesville is going to be leading the charge in how a neighborhood works, comes together, innovates and grows itself into the next century."

Dafrota says OwnForce simply launched at completion of last year, however the company is still working to test the program to various company markets. He states he hopes to keep broadening the company here in Gainesville.